Atla Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a professional memory module manufacturer. We focus on the ‘design’ and ‘manufacturing’ of memory modules and flash memory products, providing a comprehensive range of products and services. We are a leading global Systems ODM and OEM providing optimized products. 

       Atla Electronics specializes in professional company services such as those related to highly complex industrial computers, RAID and servers etc. We are devoted to the research and development of our products and services, and to continuously enhancing our manufacturing and sales methods. Our ultimate goal is to provide competitive solutions for customers to ensure a win-win situation for all. 


       In pursuing various sustainable development goals, Atla Electronics strives to offer customers high-quality and reliable products, optimal efficiency and stability at the lowest cost possible. It is, in addition, crucial to us that Atla Electronics and its customers enjoy an increasingly close and successful relationship as the partnership grows. 


Atla Electronics will continue to develop innovative solutions.
Atla Electronics will continue to provide optimal solutions and services for all its customers.
Atla Electronics will, at all times, uphold its four key values (Innovation, Quality, Service, Professionalism) in an effort to go from strength to strength. 


Through proactive innovation, unwavering professionalism, strict quality control measures and a sincere attitude towards service provision, we strive to consistently enhance the quality of our products and services for the benefit of all partners who choose put their faith in Alta Electronics.